Cecil Calnimptewa Jr.

Cecil Calnimptewa Jr. (1950- ) is from Moenkopi. Son of Cecil Calnimptewa, Sr., husband of Muriel Navasie (carver; and Wanda Talayumptewa; father of 4 children. Cecil is a highly acclaimed carver who has won awards since 1970 and his work is in many permanent exhibits. "As I carve, I sing or chant to the doll, hoping that the good feeling that I am putting into the carving will be returned to me by the doll." In 1991 Cecil won Best of Division, Best of Class, and 1st place ribbons at Santa Fe Indian Market. After they returned home, tragedy struck. Muriel suddenly became ill and soon passed away from pneumonia. The loss was difficult and Cecil spent his time with his family. He returned to carving later and has been creating some of his most powerful artwork.

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